Guardianship hearing for 3 Mille children is scheduled for Wednesday


SAN DIEGO – A guardianship hearing for Maya Millete’s three children is set for Wednesday morning.

Maya’s sister, Maricris Drouaillet, asked the court that she and her husband become guardians of the children between the ages of 5 and 11. According to a file filed last week, Drouaillet is asking for “temporary and ultimately permanent” guardianship of the children while their father Larry Millette is imprisoned on suspicion of having killed their mother. He denies the accusation.

The three Millete children currently live in Chula Vista in the care of Larry’s parents.

As part of Drouaillet’s guardianship application, she claims her side of the family has not been allowed to see the children since Maya was last seen on January 7. She said she and her husband Richard were “willing and able” to provide them with a stable home. with their two children at their Riverside County home.

Larry Millete, 40, was recently transferred to the Vista Detention Center. San Diego County Superior Court Judge Maryann D’Addezio curtailed his telephone privileges late last month after he allegedly amassed nine hours of calling children despite a court order not to them. contact.

In his petition, Drouaillet writes, “Larry is preying on their young minds and using his parents to directly violate court orders. Enough is enough. Larry’s actions must be stopped.

Drouaillet says Larry’s parents have demonstrated that they are unable to protect children by allowing Larry to call them.

She says the Millet children are in an extremely emotional state and that it can also be beneficial to put some distance between them and San Diego, where so much attention is paid to their father’s case and the disappearance of their mother.

Larry remains in custody without bail while his criminal case is pending. His lawyer Bonita Martinez could not be reached for comment on the guardianship hearing, which will be temporary if granted.

The hearing begins at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday downtown in the Estates division of the San Diego County Superior Court.

A hearing for the permanent guardianship of Drouaillet’s children is set for January 19.


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