Guardianship Court Victory Highlights ‘Justice in the Schools’ Work in Hickman Mills, Center – Local Board of Investment


Veronica’s case was complicated as the father of her grandchildren challenged the dropping of guardianship.

Justice in the Schools’ mission is to help stabilize families – providing children with the comfort, reliable home environments and safety that keep them in school and give them the chance to thrive. Christensen, the legal aid attorney, thought Veronica was correct that the best opportunities for her grandchildren in the future would be in the legal custody of their grandmother.

First, Justice in the Schools raised concerns about the father’s background, prompting the court to appoint a guardian ad litem for the children. Then the Guardian ad Litem recommended that Veronica be granted guardianship, but the father objected and was granted a court date.

So Justice in the Schools prepared for the trial. He also worked with Veronica and her family to keep up the pressure on local police and the district attorney’s office to bring criminal charges against the father for his role in the fatal car accident.

The family’s plea was successful in having the criminal case returned for indictment. And the police officer who made the referral was one of many witnesses Justice in the Schools has lined up to testify in the conservatorship case.

The father did not appear in court and the judge granted guardianship of the three grandchildren to Veronica. The judge commended Veronica and her husband for their dedication and extreme efforts to help and protect their grandchildren.


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