Girl married 12 years ago approaches Bhilwara court to seek annulment of her marriage


After realizing she wanted the cancellation, the girl spoke to her parents (representative image). | Photo credit: iStock Images


  • On Tuesday, an 18-year-old girl from Rajasthan appeared in court in Bhilwara
  • The teenager went to court to seek the annulment of her marriage

Ajmer: An 18-year-old girl, married at the age of 6, went to court in Bhilwara on Tuesday to ask for the annulment of her marriage. After hearing the girl’s claims, the court sent the summons to her husband.

The girl said she was ignorant when she got married. However, after becoming an adult, the girl realized that she was against marriage.

The girl’s parents want her to continue with the marriage

After realizing she wanted the cancellation, the girl spoke to her parents. The girl’s parents said they wanted her to pursue the marriage as it is a ritual in their religion.

Activist helped teenager get to court

The girl approached Dr Kriti Bharti, chief administrator and rehabilitation psychologist of the Saarthi trust in Jodhpur and campaigner against child marriage. Kriti went to Bhilwara with the teenager in family court. Kriti helped the teenager file her marriage annulment, India time reported.

The girl got married in 2009

Kriti said her trust has helped annul 41 marriages and is working to eradicate the evil of child marriage. The woman said the teenager, a resident of the Paladi village of Bhilwara, was married to a Banera man in 2009.

After growing up, the teenager refused to accept the man she was married to. She is studying in the first year of a bachelor’s degree.


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