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When experiencing a lot of outstanding debt, a debtor can actually find a way to apply for credit card payment relief. This is useful so that the debt can be repaid quickly, ease the burden in paying off arrears, and of course can improve your credit score in the Bank Indonesia Historical IDI.

Here’s how to apply for credit card payment relief:


Recalculate How Many Nominal Debts Are Still In arrears


 Recalculate How Many Nominal Debts Are Still In arrears


Before starting to look for ways to apply for credit card payment relief, it’s good if you know in advance how much total debt remains to be settled. When the counting process takes place it is not uncommon to make a headache and have an impact on the mental stress, because you will know firsthand what the remaining obligations must be paid. However, this process must be known, because the longer you try to avoid the total debt that is known, the longer you will find a solution to pay off the debts.

Record one by one arrears that you still have, collect bills that have indeed been sent to your address. In addition, note also the amount of interest that must be paid. Interest rates are important to know so that you know how much of a particular type of debt if it is constantly in arrears and not paid regularly. This is also useful for making you prioritize certain types of debt, so that it is resolved faster.


Using a Professional Debt Consultant Service


 Using a Professional Debt Consultant Service


The most effective way to apply for credit card payment relief is to use the services of an experienced consultant. Why use consultant services? First, you can get better advice from experienced parties. Usually the consultant knows exactly what steps must be taken so that debt settlement is carried out faster. Inform the total nominal debt that you have calculated before, along with the interest that must be paid. By getting this information, a professional debt consultant can immediately calculate how much money you have to start to save per month in order to be free from debt problems.

Secondly, professional debt consultants usually have good relations with the bank. This can be used as a shortcut in submitting credit card payment relief to the bank. Usually with this good relationship, the consultant can help play the role of a third party and negotiate with the bank. Of course to get the best lightness, you also have to be honest with the consultant. Tell us about your financial background, and also mention the various bills that are still required to be paid regularly, which burden you in paying off debt. For example, if you currently still have to finance parents who are hospitalized, talk openly to your consultant. This can be used as a powerful combat tool, especially if accompanied by payment attachments.

Third, a professional debt consultant can represent you to the bank so that you can focus more on collecting funds in paying off the remaining debt. This will certainly be more beneficial for those of you who have a few debts that must be completed. Consultants can represent you and bridge your problem with bank details, meetings like this usually take place on working days and hours (if needed). That is, you can use these times to focus more on finding funds and paying off debts that are still unresolved. Not to mention, you can use the rest of the time at night to work on the side from home or elsewhere. So, you can collect funds faster and pay off debt.


3 Types of Relief Programs You Can Get


 3 Types of Relief Programs You Can Get


After learning that one way to apply for credit card payment relief is through consulting services, then you also need to know some types of relief programs that you can use:

One-time discount / discount

This type of relief program allows customers to reduce their total debt to smaller amounts. As the name implies, even though the customer gets a discount in his debt (generally 20-50%), they must pay directly in one payment. In some cases, this one relief program can give cardholders a discount of up to 70%.

Extended Installments with Low Interest

Unlike the discount program in one pay, this one program is suitable for those of you who are financially less. In short, customers who have credit card arrears or KTA arrears can extend their installment tenure to be lighter, the interest earned is lower than the prevailing interest rate in general. If the normal interest currently running is in the range of 2.25%, then it is possible to get interest of only 0-2%.

Installment Discounts

Another program with this one, this type of program is a combination of the two types of programs above, namely customers get a discount and the remaining payments can be made in installments. The bank will also see the conditions experienced by the customer first. If the customer has supporting conditions that make it more difficult to pay off the debt, then it is likely that they can get this program (provided that the bank in question has the program).

The three programs above certainly can help you to be free from debt faster. To get these programs, you can directly contact the more experienced parties such as consultants. One of the professional debt consulting services you can use is Lorna Doone.

Lorna Doone international is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that consumers who are in debt, have the ability to control their finances again. Lorna Doone Indonesia helps clients through a debt management program, specifically designed to suit different needs for each client. This program is a combination of education on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenditure, as well as conduct negotiation processes on existing bank debt requirements to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. Lorna Doone Indonesia’s head office was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in finance including debt settlement for more than two decades. Lorna Doone makes Indonesia the center of operations as well as a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Lorna Doone Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to be accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

3 Ways to Negotiate Increase in Salary to Increase Revenue { Interest Rate Sun, 23 Jun 2019 17:47:26 +0000


Are you currently working in a company for some time, and feel this is the right time to negotiate a salary to get a raise? Not to mention if you have personal financial problems that require you to earn more income. Of course you will be more eager to ask for a raise.


Of course the way to negotiate a salary increase cannot be careless . There are various considerations that need to be considered, as well as ways to ask for a raise according to ethics in order to remain polite, but the nominal expected is also achieved. The following are various factors that need to be considered as well as how to negotiate a salary increase.


“When should I start asking for a raise to my boss?”

"When should I start asking for a raise to my boss?"

When the nominal salary is below average

One of the best times to start asking for a raise is when you know that the salary you get turns out to be below average. Of course knowing the average standard salary is the first step that you have to do. At the very least, you have a basis for raising, right? Find out how much the salary nominal is normally obtained for someone in the same position, with a similar job description.

Then, what ways can be done to find out the average salary nominal? There are several steps you can take. First, by registering on a site that displays company reviews and average salary information. Sites like this can help you find information on whether the salary is sufficient, your job description is appropriate, etc. One of the sites that you can try to register is Glassdoor.

Second, by downloading the Salary Guide document that is often spread on LinkedIn. Usually this salary guide is created and distributed by a recruitment consultant. Companies like this generally conduct annual surveys, which of course can be used as your guide. This guide usually provides complete information, and divides it according to business moves, as well as available positions.

Remember not to ask about your partner’s salary. Asking the salary of a work partner can be a boomerang. Avoid getting to know each other’s salary, because usually every employee is paid based on their work experience, skills, and job descriptions. Everyone has their own strengths which certainly cannot be equated.

“Normally, how often do I have to get a raise?”

"Normally, how often do I have to get a raise?"

Generally, companies give salary increases at the beginning of each year

Indeed, every company usually gives a salary increase every year, precisely at the beginning of the year. But back again, each company has a different policy. There are also those who make salary increases every time after performing a performance review. For the performance review itself usually varies, some are done quarterly, per six months, or per year.

However, there is also a different standard for each company to raise their own salary. Some give a 10-15% increase or more in accordance with the standards that have been determined by the company where you work.


“Who is the first person you should be invited to discuss about salary increases?”


"Who is the first person you should be invited to discuss about salary increases?"


Your immediate boss

Of course the first person you should be discussing first about a salary increase is your immediate boss. Of course this is different depending on your position or position at work at this time, it could be your immediate boss is the supervisor / manager / director where you work. Of course discussion with your immediate boss can be the right step, because it is usually the direct supervisor who really knows the quality of your work while in the office.

Usually if your immediate supervisor has agreed to review your work so far, you can continue the process to the Human Resources (HR) division or commonly referred to as the Human Resources Department (HRD). Each company certainly has its own standard procedure regarding performance reviews and negotiations on salary increases.


“When is the best time to ask for a raise?”


"When is the best time to ask for a raise?"


How to ask for a raise according to ethics will be more effective if done at the right time. Actually, one of the best times is when a company is conducting an annual performance review . For example, your company always raises salaries in January, of course, the best time to negotiate a salary increase is in November, because usually in December the company will begin to compile an annual budget that will be implemented early in the year.

However, there are also some of the best times that can be used to request a raise. Some of these features are for example when you succeed in achieving certain targets that are targeted , or have not been able to reach anyone. Another time is when your employment contract will expire and will be extended by the company.

You can also ask for a raise when you are given new responsibilities by your boss. Of course this responsibility must have a big impact on the time and effort you have to do more. Things like this of course can be used as a material consideration for asking for a raise.

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 1: Show Your Quality

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 1: Show Your Quality


The most practical way is to show the work target that you have worked on. This can serve as proof that you have contributed enough to the company. When you intend to show the quality of your work. But you also need to pay attention to several things in order to be able to successfully negotiate with your boss:

  • When you will show the results and quality of work, you can also think of the relationships that you have built with the customers / partners of the company. Why? Because from here you can know how much profit you have contributed thanks to the good relationships that you have established with these customers.

  • You also need to remember that displaying your work as an achievement or a value that you have successfully contributed to the company. DO NOT make it seem like threatening a company, especially if you are impressed to bring the customer with you.

  • Before you decide to display your work, make sure you know the numbers correctly, for example: the profits that you have achieved, how much your company has successfully spent, how many employees you manage And also pay attention to what salary you get now and what salary you should be sure is more worthy of the results of your work and quality. Think about all these things ready, don’t just think about it when you negotiate.

  • One more thing that needs to be considered, namely finding the right moment when you want to apply for a raise. Make sure your boss is in a good mood, and not in a hurry.

  • If possible, ask about possible salary increases as soon as you make a contribution that is felt by the company. For example, when you successfully make a contract with a customer, or after successfully completing a project faster. Things like this will have more influence than you discuss the successes that you achieved last year.


How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 2: Sell Not Begging

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 2: Sell Not Begging

Never beg to ask for a raise. The company will not care about your expenses, because every management of personal money is no longer the responsibility of the company. Focus on selling self quality and presenting the track record / achievements that you have given to the company.

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 3: Give a Picture of Contributions You Can Give to the Company

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 3: Give a Picture of Contributions You Can Give to the Company

In addition to providing work achievement results, you can add by providing future plans that you can contribute to the company. Find out what the company needs and the company’s goals, and what contributions you can make to support the plan. On the other hand, you can also see the company’s shortcomings and what solutions you can apply to the problem. If you can convince the company that they need your contribution to this, it is not impossible that you can get a raise.

Reasons Why Countries Dont Print As Much Money As Possible To Eradicate Poverty and Pay Off Debt? Tue, 30 Apr 2019 16:07:22 +0000


  • Have you ever wondered why the State or the Indonesian government did not print the money they wanted to overcome poverty and pay the mountainous debt? Maybe we have ever wondered, if the State prints a lot of money and is distributed to people who cannot afford it, the problem of poverty can be solved easily.

    Why do you have to worry about thinking about the debts that have always been controversial? Just print, pay, finish the problem. People are happy, the country is calm … but is that true? If this is true, the State will do it. But what is the reality, until now the State and the government do not also do it, instead even more tightly control the circulation of money, limit it, even to make withdrawals against the money in circulation.

    What is the reason? The reason is only one, which is to maintain the value of money itself, if in Indonesia it preserves the value of the Rupiah. Logically, if the amount of something is unlimited, of course the value of something will be weak, and vice versa. And the weak value of this money will have a lot of impact on people’s lives in a country.

    Now we discuss one by one, we start from why not print a lot of money to overcome poverty in Indonesia?

    Previously, read also: Making money on the internet is still a taboo thing for the people of Indonesia.

Sharing Money Will Not Overcome Poverty


Sharing Money Will Not Overcome Poverty


Overcoming poverty means making the poor become capable or affluent people by giving them money. Now try to guess what will happen if that happens? Poor people who originally worked as farmers, builders, traveling sellers, breeders, or other professions, will stop working. Why? Already have money, why does it work? If money runs out there is a country that will give it back.

The above will cause inflation, for example the cessation of small farmers simultaneously will cause scarcity of agricultural materials, meaning that it will have an impact on price increases. And the increase in agricultural prices will certainly cause other prices to increase. That’s just one profession, how much poverty in Indonesia and what is their profession, then how many will stop working? I think there will be a lot.

What is inflation? Very dangerous, if there is inflation then for what makes the poor become capable people, yet prices will also rise which can make them poor again. In addition, what was originally enough for people to have inflation would actually be poor people, while rich people would decrease their purchasing power.

If so, tell the State to print as much money as possible and share it with everyone so that they can become all rich people. It will be even more dangerous, if everyone is rich and has a lot of money, is it possible they want to work? Who wants to be a police and army to protect the security of the country? Who will take care of the government? Who wants to sell to meet their daily needs? Everything will be chaotic, people will act all and it is possible that violence will occur everywhere.

Keep Printing Lots of Money and Keep Working


 Keep Printing Lots of Money and Keep Working


Okay, let’s say the State continues to print as much money as possible and share it with the public on the condition that they continue to work and carry out their profession as usual. But it will still cause too much money to be circulated. Because everyone is rich and actually does not need to work again, it means throwing away easy money, this causes the price of goods to increase many times. And this will also have an impact on the value of the Rupiah being weak against foreign currencies.

That is, in the world economy the Rupiah will be very weak and the State will have difficulty doing the global economy. After all, the resources for printing money are also limited, although they can make as much as possible but if the ingredients are limited, yes, it’s the same.

If So To Pay A Debt?

 If So To Pay A Debt?


We suppose again, what if the State prints as much money as possible to pay off debt without the need to share and distribute it to the public? Is it still a problem? Yes, of course it is still a problem. The reason is, we must first look at the true essence of money itself, namely value. If the State prints money without any supportive reason (for example without comparable economic circulation or guarantees of gold / silver value), in my opinion the State indirectly acknowledges that its own money is of no value.

Second, the Rupiah is not a payment currency that can be accepted in all countries, not like the US Dollar. So to repay debt, the Rupiah must be exchanged for dollars or other currencies. For example, if the Rupiah will be exchanged into US Dollars to pay off debts, then printing as much money as possible later will create a demand for the Rupiah to Dollar not comparable to the demand of the Dollar to Rupiah, the end of the value of the Rupiah will actually impact the overall economy in Indonesia.

Third, if the value of the Rupiah has dropped against the Dollar, the value of debt certainly adjusts. For example, before the debt of 1,000 trillion, if the exchange rate of 1 Dollar is 14,000, the calculation is 1,000 x 14,000. After the Rupiah falls, say the exchange rate becomes 20,000, the calculation becomes 1,000 x 20,000. This will be more detrimental to the State, not to mention there is PR to stabilize the Rupiah again, where the risk can worsen the economy, one of which is inflation, unemployment due to layoffs due to declining export imports, and so on.

Examples of Countries That Have Too Much Printing Money


 Examples of Countries That Have Too Much Printing Money


The country that was very well known for printing too much money was Zimbabwe in 2008/2009. In that country, there was a very crazy inflation, which was 2,200,000% inflation. Just imagine, just 10% inflation has made a headache, especially 2.2 million%? Zimbabwe has also made a bill with a value of 100 trillion Zimbabwean Dollars, yes, 100 trillion can be deposited in the wallet. And the 100 trillion money can only be used to buy 3 eggs, at that time if the Zimbabwean Zomb Dollar was exchanged to 1 US Dollar, then it took 35,000 trillion Zimbabwean Dollars, sad isn’t it?

Aside from Zimbabwe, this beloved country in Indonesia has also done excessive printing of money, namely during the Soekarno presidency. Even though it is not as severe as Zimbabwe, it causes inflation which is very telling to the people. As a result, massive demonstrations exploded which we know together with the term Tritura, which one of the demands of the people was to reduce prices at that time.

What is it, still thinking that the State can easily print money carelessly?

Okay, guys, those are some reasons why the State and the Government don’t print as much money as possible to overcome poverty and pay off their debts. Hopefully the above explanation is useful and adds to your insight. Don’t forget to share this article too, thanks and good luck.

Residential Construction Reform and Construction Credit Sat, 20 Apr 2019 13:18:47 +0000



How do I get Construction Reform and Building Credit? You are building your own house but the money is gone, and now what to do in such a situation? Luckily there are in the financial credit market countless banks willing to make a financing for retirement or financing for construction , the first is specific for who wants to remodel a property and the second for who wants to build. Both are for those who do not have all the capital needed for the venture.

Not all people are aware of the existence of this specific line of credit for retirement and construction financing, so it is so little solicited or sought from credit institutions or banks. There are several facilities that this type of financing offers: in credit for retirement and construction of real estate, the interest rates offered are low, in this case we are comparing with loans financed by common financials obtained in the credit or personal loan.



Design with the Specifications


Design with the Specifications


To get the credit financed for retirement it is necessary to prepare a project with the specifications of the reform. All documentation of the property must be completely up to date with all government agencies. At first without these two items informed would not be feasible to carry out any type of credit for retirement or construction .

The project seems to be the most complicated part of any process, to have the release of money from the financing for renovation or construction , it is necessary to specify from what will be done with details in the property, including details of the budget of materials and service with estimated values.


Bureaucracy and fees


Bureaucracy and fees

If you have all the paperwork and are willing to make the credit to renovate your residential or commercial property, the good news is that the interest rate charged on the operation revolves around 5% to 9% pa (year), this variation depends of the financial institution. Caixa Econômica Federal has some lines of credit (FGTS-Individual Letter of Credit, Monumenta Privado Privados, Carta de Crédito SBPE and Pró Cotista) to finance reforms and constructions with the best interest rates among all.

But not everything is flowers, in this type of credit, bureaucratic limitation is often a considerable drawback to get credit financing for retirement or construction. In order not to be surprised at all, be aware that the credited amounts of the financing will only be released into the bank account according to the construction schedule, ie the money is not released all at once.

After requesting the loan to reform and verify the documentation, there is still another stage where the bank will inspect your property to be able to make an assessment to stipulate the market value of the property.

The property is given as a guarantee of payment and the amount financed for renovation will be up to 80% at 100% of the value of the property. In the case of a renovation or construction, the land and property must be in the name of the borrower of the credit for retirement, neither case may have been given as collateral in any other type of business.


Rules for financing retirement credit

Rules for financing retirement credit

1 -) Interest rates vary from 5% pa to 9% pa for the financing of the renovation or construction; It finances up to 80% to 100% of the assessed value of the property in the financing;
2 -) Interest rates are fixed or fixed (+ TR);
3 -) Insurance Mandatory – necessary to make one to obtain the credit of the retirement;
4 -) TAC and IOF – You have to pay in the contracting of the financing;
5 -) 12 months – maximum term for the end of the reform;
6 -) 20, 30 and 35 years – maximum period to pay the credit for retirement .

Loan for Reform Fri, 19 Apr 2019 13:58:51 +0000


Line of loan for reform of CEF – Caixa Econômica Federal. One of the cheaper alternatives for those who need money for small constructions is Caixa’s retirement loan. No doubt the institution offers much more products that account for the interest rates and fees paid on credit cards or with overdrafts. In this line of credit, the amount can reach up to R $ 20 thousand, varying according to each client.

 Another advantage is that you do not have to prove minimum monthly income. Basically the interested party only needs to prove his / her relationship with the company that works, this will show his conditions with respect to the value of his FGTS. It is possible to finance 100% of the amount requested to start the renovation work on your property.


Letter of Credit 


Letter of Credit 


Caixa’s FGTS Letter of Credit is one of the most sought after in the market, but to hire it, you have to be aware of the requirements. They are: being 18 or older, civil capacity, proving ability to pay the debt, not own another residential property in the same city, have not passed the age of 80 years and six months.

In the case of low-income families, if the income limit is up to R $ 3,275, adding all members, it is possible to request a discount for the loan. It is worth remembering that this credit is valid only for individuals and provides plans for up to 30 years for repayment of payments.

In addition to the loan to reform Caixa, it is possible to invest in expansions, constructions, purchase of land and even implementation of systems that value the environment in the place, with innovative and sustainable proposals. The CEF retirement loan goes beyond what you imagine.

But how does this funding for reform work? The loan is usually deducted directly from the installments of your own Guarantee Fund and not from your current account as is common. With interest rates up to 12% per year, it is worth tackling this operation.

Never forget that the shorter the installment term, the greater the chance of getting lower rates and fees. In addition, if you already have a set aside and available money, take advantage of buying some materials in sight and lowering the total amount of funding.

Another important point when having money on hand is to research, preferably the specialized stores in construction and materials for reforms, after all, prices vary greatly from establishment to establishment.

Trade, take the offers from the other store and try to lower prices and improve your budget spending.

With The Dirty Name I Can Make Personal Loan Wed, 03 Apr 2019 13:58:51 +0000

 Pde » Credit Protection» With the dirty name can I make a personal loan?

I have a ” dirty name “, can I make a personal loan or take personal credit? Of all the people who pass through the “loan portal”, more than 45% have problems with the name, a good part have debts and are looking for a special type of loan. This special loan can not be consulted by the SPC or Serasa.

The big question is, make a personal loan for someone with the dirty name, does it exist? Of course yes! However this form of credit for ordinary individuals offers very high interest rates, the lender increases interest to offset the high risk of the transaction.

How to make a personal loan with a dirty name

People with a dirty name are prevented from having approved loans, simply because the banking system itself has analytical restrictions when it finds in the CPF of the applicant some type of registration with credit protection agencies. The system also checks and evaluates credit history through credit reports provided by specialized databases.

In the Brazilian market, the CCF, SPC Brasil, Serasa Experian, Boa Vista Serviços (SCPC – Consultations of CNPJ and Consultation of Credit), Equifax (2nd largest Credit Bureau of Brazil) and Notaries are the main means of information used for whether or not to grant loans. Lenders will always look at your credit report and in some cases your credit score as well.

It is worth remembering that this information is not public, only institutions have access to it. Confidential information like how long you live in your home, how many times you have consulted your name, which creditors have declined your credit etc, some companies provide data that you yourself have forgotten, your current creditors, your debts, any delays, late payments , legal information, and even your current employer.

But we are not talking about credit report, what matters is to know if even being negative and owing in the square it is possible to make personal loan with restriction on the name. If you are an ordinary citizen, you work for a company that does not have an agreement with banks, it is dirty and due to banking institutions, it can be almost impossible to get credit under these conditions.

Now, if you are a “civil servant”, a “private company worker” with an agreement with banks and financial institutions, he is “retired or an INSS pensioner”, he may have a dirty name that does not have a problem, In addition to not consulting Serasa and SPC, the discount of the installments is direct in payment and still offers the best interest rates for individuals.

For retirees and pensioners with a dirty name

For retirees and pensioners with a dirty name

Loans created for retirees and pensioners in general offer excellent financing conditions even for people with dirty name, in payroll deductible loans the discount of the installments is done directly in payroll, in this way reduces the risk of default.

In general, this form of consigned loan offers easier credit release, longer terms, and lower interest rates.

For public employees with dirty name


In virtually all classes of public servants you have quick and easy access to credit when you want to take out a personal or payroll loan, usually with the dirty name or not.

The payroll loan for governments, states and municipalities, in these cases, banks offer both for federal, state and municipal servants. The credit is contracted with monthly payment with the installments directly discounted from the pay stub or payroll. Interest rates are fixed from the beginning to the end of the loan.

Employee of private companies with dirty name

Employee of private companies with dirty name

Employees of private companies agreed with banks and financial institutions also have access to payroll loans even though they are under the dirty name and restriction on Serasa and SPC. The modality works in the same way as those granted to servers and beneficiaries of the INSS, however, the company must be contracted with one or more credit institutions.

In this type of payroll loan, the installments are discounted on the payroll of the registered worker, the terms go up to 60 months and the interest rates are better than personal bank credit. To make the hiring and having the release of credit just log into the lender’s system or look for the HR of the company.

Loan with check with dirty name

Loan with check with dirty name

Although in disuse, a check loan is still a way to borrow money and trade credit using the bank’s checkbooks giving them as payment guarantee. The check sheets are pre-dated and clear the debt at the proposed date.

In this type of loan the money released can be used by the customer in any way you want, in addition it is a credit option for those who have exhausted other forms of request. Normally there is no bureaucracy, the total amount of the credit released can be repaid up to 24 times or more, according to the creditor.

If you are restricted by the CPF and need a dirty-named loan, the Brazilian credit market is full of borrowing modalities with facilities and advantages, and many of them do not even consult the CPF with Serasa and SPC by name in search of non-payment records.


How to get out of financial debts? Mon, 04 Mar 2019 14:27:38 +0000

Today’s world revolves around money. They are very important in life for every human being and everyone is absolutely needed. Many people, however, need more money than they currently have. In this situation, they take out loans. Loans take different groups of people, they are often investors who came up with an idea to do business, they are people who want a consumer loan for a given thing, they are also people who are already in debt and further loans to help them get out of the problems. for an assessment

Getting into debt

Sometimes it may happen that we do not think about a loan or loan issue and get into trouble. We can also not hit an investment, we can get sick, suffer an accident. In more extreme cases, it may happen that someone close to you will die and the debt will pass to us. In such situations, we are left with the debt to pay off. If such a debt exceeds our financial capabilities, we often break down, we start to worry about it.

The situations described above are difficult, but they are not hopeless. Even with a seemingly difficult problem, you can deal with it, but you have to approach it coldly and without emotions. Above all, it is necessary to avoid further indebtedness. If we have debts, it is not worth to increase them. Falling into a debt spiral is the worst way out. Of course, there are consolidation loans that we will discuss later, but beyond them, further indebtedness never makes sense. If you are a gambler, you must get rid of this addiction. If you have alcohol problems, you also have to deal with them. You have to eliminate all the things that can generate further indebtedness.

You should be aware that coping with debt may take a lot of time and will sometimes be very heavy. There is nothing to cheat that will be easy. Different decisions will be needed that can reduce the quality of life, some inconvenience. Still, it is worth getting a grip and cope with the problems.

Debt storage

At the beginning of the road, the goal of which is to get out of debt, you must write down all your obligations. If you do not know where to give up, this is not a good sign. This means that you do not control your debts or finances. You can print debts on a piece of paper or in a computer. This list will make you aware of what you will have to face in the near future. It will also be good to determine the priorities of your debts. If, because of some debt, the bailiff knocks on the door, he will be the most important one.

Learn to control finances

Learn to control finances

Getting into debt is connected with the fact that the debtor was unable to control his income and expenses earlier. The ability to manage your own finances should be one of the basic skills in the life of every human being. It’s worth to write down all your expenses and income. It’s good to group them and make settlements every month. In this way you can gain control over your finances. You will be able to say that we spend too much on it. Remember that the main rule in the budget of each home is: spend less than you earn.

Increase your income

After drawing up the household budget, it will be good to reduce unnecessary expenses to a minimum. It will also be good to increase your income. During the period of getting out of debt, you may even need to find an extra job or extra classes that will increase your earnings. The more an indebted person earns, the faster he will be able to go straight. Maybe in your case it will be necessary to change jobs, because in your current earnings are not too big. There are many possibilities. In today’s world you can easily find an extra occupation or other job.

Negotiate with creditors

Negotiate with creditors

If our home budget is orderly, it’s time to pay off debts as soon as possible. First, it’s good to talk to your creditors. Whether it is a bank or a private person, you can always negotiate something. In many cases, it may happen that a creditor hired a debt collection company to collect a debt. In such cases, you should talk to the debt collector and try to negotiate the most favorable compromise. You can try to spread out the installments for a slightly longer period, you can try to change the repayment date. It is definitely worth trying to get as much help as possible in repayment of debts. It is necessary to avoid legal disputes that are not good for either the debtor or the creditor.

In the case of debts in the bank, a so-called consolidation loan may be a good idea. Banks offer it to people who have debt problems. It consists in the fact that the bank repays your debts, and you have to pay off the consolidation loan to the bank, but it is spread over a fairly long period of time and the installments may be less painful than normal repayment of debts.


Getting into debt is not pleasant. However, remember that debts are usually your fault. That’s why you have to deal with them. Undoubtedly, it is possible to get out of this type of problems. After dealing with debts, you will become a stronger man who even copes with seemingly hopeless situations. Keep in mind the right motivation, have a plan of action and slowly go out straight.

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