Evansville recognizes August as Child Support Awareness Month


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A collaborative effort between city officials and mother Julie Eder, a child support lawyer, led to a proclamation in Evansville.

“Their father and I got divorced. I think it was after five months that he started not paying and he disappeared in action. We didn’t even have a phone number for him, no way to reach him, ”Eder said.

Eder said she is the mother of three adult children who have aged outside the child support system. She said her experience dealing with the lack of child support over the course of her children’s lifetimes motivated her to want to help other parents who are facing similar child support issues.

“I just want to help others. I am very passionate about making sure children get what they deserve, which is making sure they are supported financially by both parents, ”said Eder.

Eder said that during her research and knowledge of the child support system, she discovered that President Bill Clinton proclaimed August Child Support Awareness Month Nationwide and she s ‘is returned to the officials of the city of Evansville to recognize it. Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and others gathered on Thursday to proclaim August Child Support Awareness Month. But Eder said this was just the first step in what she wanted to do to help others. She told Eyewitness News that she wanted to start a non-profit organization.

“I could see that the nonprofit was the link to put parents in touch with these organizations so they could get the help they needed. Some people just don’t have the resources or the time they need to find help and that’s what I would love to do, ”Eder said.

Two of the three Eder children attended the ceremony on Thursday. Eder’s son Mitchell said he was grateful for what his mother has done for him over the years.

“She’s had countless jobs in her life, devoted all of her free time to work so that we could do whatever we wanted to do with a living and I’m just grateful to her for that,” said Mitchell Eder.

Her daughter Claudia said she wanted to support her mother in this plea.

“It’s really important for people to make a change when they see a problem because I mean if my mom hasn’t, who is going to do it? I don’t think it would have been done, so just being able to show our support is the best way to give back for everything she has given us over the years, ”said Claudia Eder.


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