Erica Mena cries when she learns she will only get $4,000 in child support


There’s not much love left Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta regarding Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels.

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Erica Mena cries over $4,305 child support decision

As we previously reported, the couple’s divorce was finalized on September 12 and this week’s episode, which aired on November 7, showed the moment Erica broke down in tears after receiving the phone call from her husband. lawyer where she learned that she was officially divorced. Erica was initially thrilled to hear the news of her divorce, but her emotions quickly turned to anger and frustration when she learned that she would be receiving $4,305 in monthly child support from Safaree.

You can watch the clip below:

“Are you kidding me ?” Erica screams into the phone. “Now all this financial burden with my children is on me? It’s not fair… For example, he has nothing to pay? Damn it.

Reactions to the episode and clip range from support for Erica to complete apathy, with some people saying Erica needs to find a job and others wondering if she’s paying child support for her oldest son, who doesn’t. Hasn’t been in his care since sometimes.

In the meantime, Safaree Samuels has officially entered the chat. The artist/songwriter took to Twitter to ask the official Love & Hip Hop account after the clip was posted.

“Whoever runs this page stop spreading false information. We have joint custody, what are you talking about? Losers.

Hmmmm… Well now we are confused. Is Safaree saying that the information shared by Erica on the show is false? Or that Erica saying she has primary custody is wrong?

Anyway, things between Erica and Safaree seem pretty bad at the moment. In addition to the child support clip that went viral, there was also another moment when Erica exploded on camera that has been doing the rounds on social media.

In the clip, Erica talks about showing their kids videos of their dad in order to bond. Again she cries, begging her ex to stop hurting and promising that the love she had for him was real.

Hard to watch, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to feel bad for Erica.

Erica Mena filed for divorce from Safaree in May 2021 after two years of marriage. Even before their divorce was finalized in September, Safaree went on with Kimbella Matos. Matos and Samuels went viral online because of an allegedly leaked sex tape in August.

It’s all so messy and the saddest thing is that kids are involved. Do you think Safaree’s tweet was intentionally confusing? Or does he really oppose what we’ve heard about Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta?


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