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HARTFORD, CT – Fotis Dulos, 52, is back in the news this week as his attorney, Rich Rochlin, filed a seven-page petition to dismiss divorce proceedings with Dulos’ missing wife Jennifer Farber Dulos, to pursue guardianship of their five children in juvenile court, reported the Hartford Courant on December 26.

Gloria Farber, the children’s grandmother, has been in guardianship since November when a probate judge removed both parents, Fotis Dulos and Jennifer Farber Dulos, as their children’s guardians and legally gave her custody, has Courant reported, noting that the children have lived with their grandmother in New York City since their mother’s disappearance.

According to Courant, “Dulos, who has not seen his children since Jennifer Dulos disappeared in May, has made it clear that he hopes to regain custody of his children by appealing the estate court’s decision to the court. for minors, “adding that” the hearings were held behind closed doors without Dulos present “and” in his motion, Rochlin said Dulos was appealing the decision of the probate court to the juvenile court where a hearing is scheduled for Stamford on January 9 ”.

In his petition, Rochlin also said that “Dulos is willing to risk testifying at a hearing with the aim of seeing his children again,” the Courant reported.

“Sir. Dulos intends to seek access to his children in juvenile court or probate court and is ready for a full hearing of evidence to support the same,” Rochlin said, a The Courant reported. “There appears to be no valid reason why this Court should not dismiss the action at issue and allow the remaining issues to be decided in this forum.”

“Dulos was arrested twice in connection with Farber Dulos’ disappearance on May 24,” Courant reported, adding that “she was last seen dropping their children off at their private school in New Canaan that morning “and” Dulos is currently free on two separate $ 500,000 bonds.

Jennifer Farber Dulos’ divorce attorney Reuben S. Midler also filed a motion on Thursday asking the court to order Fotis Dulos “to pay his attorney’s fees to plead the dismissal petition,” the Courant reported. .

Milder said “because his client has disappeared” he has no source for the payment of legal fees and costs “to defend his rights in the family case and that Dulos should be ordered by the court to cover these expenses “Courant said, adding that” Midler is seeking leave to file Dulos to see if he is using the marital assets to pay for his legal fees and other expenses in violation of a court order that froze the couple’s accounts . “

“The contentious 2-year divorce case has not been on the docket since September, and Judge Donna Heller has failed to act on several petitions filed by both parties – including petitions for Dulos and Gloria Farber undergo psychiatric evaluations, “Courant reported, adding that” the court-appointed ad litem guardian, Michael Meehan, has also not filed a situation report with the court since June. “

“In the past five months, neither the plaintiff nor her legal team have filed any pleadings or made any marks intended to continue this action and bring it closer to the trial,” Rochlin wrote, Courant reported. “As such, the case is dormant and in the absence of the plaintiff’s participation to continue its case, it can no longer remain a viable action.”

“Heller has granted Farber leave to intervene in the divorce case and there is a pending petition in the family case for sole custody of the children, which seeks” the same result she has already achieved in probate court of New Canaan, “” The Current reported.

“In addition, in the absence of a communication from the representative of the Court regarding the establishment of a status conference in early autumn, the Court (probably aware of the proceedings before the courts of estates and minors) took no steps to bring this case to trial, ”Rochlin said. The Courant reported, adding that “Rochlin made a formal request to Meehan on behalf of Dulos to obtain information relating to the children’s school, medical, hospital or other records, but Meehan informed him that ‘Ms. Farber for not wanting to share such information with Mr. Dulos. ‘ “

Rochlin also said the grandmother denied “any attempt by the children’s aunt and her family to have contact with the children, despite a long and positive history with these people,” Courant reported, noting that ” Dulos’ sister visits him from Greece for the holidays.

Speaking at a press conference outside the Connecticut Supreme Court, Dulos said, “For the past six months, my children and I have not been allowed to see or talk to each other. My children were banned not only from me but from their extended family. My sister is here and she wanted to see my kids and talk to them and she was not allowed to. The same with the rest of my family, “Le Courant reported, adding that” Dulos said he would continue to fight to ‘make us family again’.


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