Dad asks estranged daughter to pay child support he paid for her


A conflicted father took to Reddit to see if he was wrong to expect his daughter to pay him $18,000 in child support.

The “AITA” or “Am I the A**hole” subreddit, is for people to get a stranger’s perspective on the difficult and personal situations they face. Reddit users then decide who in the situation is the asshole.

The father was seeking advice – and financial retribution – after falling out with his daughter.

The father wants his daughter to pay back the money he has given her over the years.

The father said the fallout began when his 15-year-old daughter Aria “abandoned” him and his family to live with her birth mother full-time.

Up until that time, Aria’s parents shared joint custody, but the father said his ex-wife “always let Aria do whatever she wanted and never had a period at home. She buys also to Aria whatever she wants for her to want to live with her.

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This prediction finally came true. After a 5-day school trip to another country, his father criticized him for not keeping in touch as much as he wanted.

The result was that she wasn’t allowed to go to a popular girl’s birthday party, and the father was keen to imply that Aria isn’t often invited to such events.

At the end of that week, when her mother returned to pick her up, Aria’s father told her “she didn’t have to come back if she didn’t want to.”

Aria never returned to live with her father.

Aria took her father’s advice and did not return to her father after that.

Her father believed it was because “she didn’t like us and preferred to stay with her mother, her parties and her life without rules”.

However, despite the falling out, the law expected her father to pay child support, including half of his college expenses. It didn’t suit him.

Now he’s waiting for all that money.

After Aria turned 18, he started counting all the child support he was paying for her. He made an excel sheet which he sent to Aria’s mother so, as he says, “she knows what harm she is doing to our daughter”.

That’s because Aria’s dad wants all that child support paid back by his 21-year-old daughter.

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He says, “I expect Aria to pay her debt, but I gave Sandra the option to pay for her, which she refused,” before adding, “We’re now at 18K .”

As Aria tried to reach out again, he told her “we can’t sort out the emotional part unless we sort out the financial part first.”

Finally, he opened the floodgates to the subreddit by asking, “So AITA?

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The verdict, swift and ruthless, says the father is the asshole.

Many users were horrified by his handling of the situation, with many even comparing it to their own father’s and sympathizing with Aria for deciding to do it with her mother.

Plus, as the last user also touched on, many other commenters found the idea ridiculously infuriating that this dad thinks her child support could work like a loan when she’s no longer a minor.

Legally, that’s not how child support works and many comments were angry at his belief that he could make it work in the most convenient way for his personal finances instead of his wife’s well-being. girl.

Ultimately, if Aria’s father was looking for support in his quest to collect his $18,000 in child support, he couldn’t find any of it on Reddit.

And he probably won’t find much legal support for it either – if most commentators are to be believed.

So hopefully Aria can finish her college career without another $18,000 debt added to the college debt she will inevitably face anyway.

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