Carol Burnett asks for guardianship of her grandson


Beloved comic book Carol Burnett and her husband Brian Miller are seeking legal guardianship over her 14-year-old grandson. Burnett and her husband have filed a motion in Los Angeles County Superior Court requesting that she be appointed guardian of her grandson, due to her daughter’s substance abuse issues. Dylan Hamilton West is the son of Burnett’s daughter, Erin Hamilton, and her ex-husband, Tony West.

Erin is one of three daughters that Burnett had from her marriage to Joe Hamilton until their separation in 1984. Burnett mentioned that due to the addiction issues her daughter is currently facing, guardianship would be at odds. monitoring purposes regarding his health, education and well-being. ”He also specifically stated that it was not to deny the boy the right to see his parents, and that she hopes recovery will be next. step of the process.

In court documents obtained by NBC, Burnett said Erin had struggled with “serious substance abuse problems” for much of his adult life. She has been institutionalized eight times in the past 19 years and has entered and left rehabilitation centers. She and Dylan’s father were only married four months before they got divorced.

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In the file, it was also said that on July 15, Hamilton texted his adult son, Zachary Carlson, as well as Dylan, 14, threatening to kill himself. Dylan called his father, who in turn called the police, where a welfare check was carried out. Hamilton was detained at 51/50 for “suicidality and drug use”. Hamilton was then taken to two different hospitals, where she was treated and finally released on July 24.

Burnett and her husband also said Dylan’s father Tony West is currently unable to provide care or financial support for his son as he recently visited a rehabilitation center himself. In the record, Burnett and Miller also said, “Dylan’s living environment has long been unstable, unpredictable and unhealthy for a child.”

In 2018 and 2019, the California Department of Children and Family Services conducted their own investigations into Dylan’s life situation. Burnett remembers a time when Hamilton was in a rehab center where she took Dylan to Lake Arrowhead. Burnett mentioned that he started to cry and begged her not to take him back to his father.

However, West was granted full physical custody of Dylan in November 2019. His mother was only allowed to see him during supervised visits. At the start of the pandemic, he lived with his father until he entered a drug rehab center due to his drug addiction. After his father left for the rehabilitation center, Dylan moved to live with a friend in Ojai, California.

A hearing for the guardianship application is scheduled for January 8, 2021.

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