Cancellation of Kalu on June 12 and APC convention


I am unhappy to start this opinion piece even as a young Nigerian with such a grim headline as the political situation in the country in the run up to the 2023 general election. More so, that our nation is devoid of good governance in due to bad policy and mismanagement over the years and maybe I should repeat myself that I am one of the millions of Nigerian graduates with no hope of getting a decent job to live on from the government. I’m sorry, I meant as one of the millions of “lazy youngsters” in Nigeria.

It is the fundamental responsibility of every government to ensure a decent and conducive society for the citizens. In other cases, perhaps the closest form of government to fulfilling this obligation might be a democracy, be it one “wearing a face mask.” As the famous American President Abraham Lincoln once remarked, it is democracy when it is “government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

The central message that follows from the above is that if democracy were to be an object of mathematical fraction, the LCM of the definition of democracy as defined above could have been “the people”. To hint further, the short and long of it is that “the people” are meant to be the decision-makers in democratic contexts.

My attempt in the preceding paragraphs was not intended to divert attention from the legend of this opinion. To guide us, I should repeat that Nigeria’s acclaimed system of government is “democracy”, but if we practice it, this article can present the closest conclusion. But the truth is that we are in a democracy; a bad democracy by the way!

For us, as a nation, if we want to move forward, we have to look back for corrective purposes to those things that ruin our potentials in the past. This is how we move forward by looking back. We create a sense of balance between the past and imagining the future from the present.

However, our values ​​as a nation have continued to decline, especially in politics, as we elect even those we would normally see and greet as voters at the polls, but these people have actually succeeded us. We agreed and handed over our common safe to people who are just looking to plunder. This is why monetary policy is on the agenda in Nigeria.

The politics of money has not only corrupted our politics, but it has also succeeded in creating loopholes for us as a nation, preventing us from achieving lasting height. Recently, a man allegedly identified as a Kaduna State PDP delegate to the party’s presidential primaries reportedly shared the dividend of his earnings from the democratic exercise of which his conscience was used to elect his party’s presidential candidate. What a pity!

Either way, we or, I think even the alleged delegate of the PDP, knew the consequence of what his action would do to the political system of the nation. Buying votes in a literal sense is a crime according to our case law, but I have no idea about selling votes, although the two may have the same meaning in the criminal definition.

As Nigeria looks forward to the holding of general elections in 2023, one of our wishes is to experience free, fair and credible elections so that we can achieve political growth. It is on this note that the benchmark for a free and fair election in Nigeria is the June 12, 1993 presidential election acclaimed even by international communities to be won by MKO Abiola, a southern Muslim with a northern Muslim running mate against a Muslim from the North and a Christian running mate from the South. It remains an era election in the anal of national democracy significant in the sense that it was a post-Civil War era.

Today, Nigeria is not only divided along religious lines, our politicians have used every measure of divisions in our individual, cultural differences and our common humanities to their elective advantages. Nigeria now looks forward to revamping its democracy through elections that could inspire hopes of a new united Nigeria, perhaps on the model of MKO Abiola, though it might not be exactly the same .

The search for a unifying and nationalist candidate for a greater Nigeria through democratic means has been tested under the country’s two main political parties, the APC and the PDP. For the latter, the country’s former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is the unifying leadership for the country in 2023. many doctors offer their respective advice on the best method for childbirth.

While many Nigerians were disappointed with the way the PDP chose its presidential candidate in Atiku, in a way described as a most embarrassing charade and “rain of dollars”, the APC leadership and the President Muhammadu Buhari implored the party’s presidential aspirants to leave a good priority by imbibing the core values ​​of the party.

Undoubtedly, in the above context, Senator representing Abia North, Orji Uzor Kalu, who also supports the candidacy of Senate Speaker, Ahmed Lawan, called on President Buhari to consider Lawan as the consensus candidate for the APC. He went further on his verifiable Facebook page aligning himself with Buhari on the negative outcome of delegate vote buying.

As Kalu appealed, he sent a strong message that money has never been able to buy Nigeria’s presidential seat. His comment in this case aligned with moral values. However, in his desperate attempt to justify consensus for Lawan, he offended Nigerians when he cited former President Goodluck Jonathan and MKO Abiola as victims of ‘money politics’.

He wrote “if money can buy the office of the President of Nigeria, the late MKO Abiola could have bought it with extra currency…” The danger of monetary policy is great; however, the fact that Kalu made such rash remarks against the late MKO figure Abiola, who was the acclaimed winner of the canceled June 12 presidential election, reveals his intolerance for Democratic tenants, perhaps his ignorance of the story.

More so, Kalu re-cancelled MKO Abiola’s tenure just like IBB. In this month of National Day of Democracy recognized by the PMB in honor of Abiola’s tenure, advising the PMB to do any undemocratic act is hypocrisy.

For Kalu, his stance aligns with other gangs against the presidential ambition of national APC leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We hope from the internal politics against Asiwaju in the party, maybe he wins, just like his boss Abiola, APC would not hold their primaries.

Otiwe, a law graduate from Kogi State University, Anyigba, writes from Abuja via 08064188686, [email protected]


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