Cancellation of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale approved by the Church


Gwen Stefani’s annulment of her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale has been granted by the Catholic Church, according to reports.

On Thursday January 7, a source reported to We Weekly that the singer’s request was accepted.

“Gwen was informed that the decision was made by the Vatican Court,” the source claimed. “She will get the notification in writing in the next few weeks, but it’s official.”

The revelation follows Stefani’s engagement to Blake Shelton. Stefani wanted to wait until she married her beau so she could have the ceremony at the church. “It was a huge relief for Gwen as she wanted to marry her priest and have the marriage recognized by the Catholic Church,” the source added.

Stefani began the formal annulment process in 2019. Rossdale and Stefani married in 2002 and filed for divorce in 2015. It was later finalized in 2016. The former couple share three children together: Kingston, Zuma and Apollo .

The Catholic Church requires engaged couples to go through a counseling process to ensure they are compatible before marriage. An annulment declares a previous marriage null and void. A couple seeking annulment through the church must prove that their marriage was “invalidly contracted” or “invalidly conferred”.

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