Brittney Griner agrees to pay Glory Johnson child support



*Brittney griner and Glory Johnson have reached a child support settlement for their twins, born last year. If you remember, Griner didn’t want anything to do with the babies, as she thought they might have been conceived through Johnson’s relationship with an old boy toy.

According to boss, Brittney – who takes in $ 1.1 million a year – will pay Glory just over $ 2,500 a month, along with 90% of the twins’ expenses – that’s an additional $ 2,835 a month for two nannies. The child support is part of a larger settlement agreement the couple have agreed to, which will also cover medical bills and childcare for their daughters, Ava Simone and Solei Diem. Griner will start paying child support from May 1.

Griner’s contribution to childcare will decrease as the girls get older, according to the court records. She will also have to pay Johnson $ 8,505 in child care expenses.

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As previously reported, Johnson announced her pregnancy just days before Brittney filed court documents asking for their 28-day marriage to be annulled. The WNBA star’s baby girls were born prematurely last October, but were originally scheduled to arrive in February.

Brittney cited “fraudulent statements” made by Johnson as the reason for asking for an end to their marriage. She also told ESPN that she was suspicious of getting married because the two had been involved in a domestic argument just weeks before walking down the aisle, but she felt pressure to move on and found a family. “I accepted it and I knew I shouldn’t have and it was a huge mistake,” Griner said.

Griner admitted that she and Glory agreed to have a child with the help of a fertility clinic. Johnson claims Griner wanted to play the role of father to the children, but changed his mind and refused to pay child support until tests determined the babies weren’t fathered by ex-BF by Glory.



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