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Britney Spears and her plans now that her tutorship is over | .

One of the stories that most moved the world was when the guardianship that singer Britnet Spears had during 13 years finally finished, without a doubt the plans he has now surprised more than some and touched others.

After the sentencing, on the guardianship that limited the famous singer in her daily activities and even her wishes as a woman and as a mother, today she has full freedom to do what she wants and when she wants.

The father of “Lucky” performer Jamie Spears limited the singer to certain activities, as he was forbidden to go out and have a life like any other celebrity, his freedom was limited to the four walls of his house. .

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One of the next plans is to get married, as you well know shortly before the end of her guardianship. Britney spears She got engaged to her boyfriend, which her fans loved the idea of ​​as she has apparently been single since her relationship with the father of her two children ended.

Spears was already a girlfriend with Saint Asghari for five years, a few weeks ago she got engaged to her boyfriend and decided to expand her family, which her fans will surely be extremely excited for her.

Britney Spears and her plans now that her tutorship is over | Britneyspears instagram

The immediate plan after your wedding will be have a child, surely to enjoy what he could not for 13 years with his children alongside Kevin Federline.

One day ago through an Instagram post that the singer shared, she commented that she wanted to have another child, hoping that this time it would be a pretty girl, accompanied by a tender black and white photo with a boy or maybe a girl standing. on tiptoe next to mom.


In the picture you can only see the feet of both, something that millions of people have found the most tender, knowing that soon you will have the life that you have waited for so long and that these thirteen years have truly been. long.

Currently Britney spears She is 39 years old, although she could attempt to get pregnant with certain risks, she will undoubtedly do so, being able to once again feel the sensation of a being inside her belly.

The second option would be to rent a belly, something that would avoid certain problems in the event of having; His post became very popular, because he already has more than half a million red hearts in the picture and also more than 14.8 thousand comments.

If you want to have a baby, to have a baby, you’ll be a great mother to a daughter. What a fierce model! “Commented a fan.


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