Baron Geisler says wife ‘demands’ annulment

Baron Geisler and Jamie Evanglista married in a civil ceremony in September 2019.

MANILA — Baron Geisler has said his wife, Jamie Evangelista, is “seeking an annulment” for her recent struggle with alcoholism.

The 39-year-old actor opened up about his marriage at the Vivamax summer campaign media launch last week.

Geisler, whose alcohol-related controversies have made headlines over the years, said he was seeking new treatment through Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Jamie and I have taken the advice of our sponsors to pause and seek treatment as we renew our efforts for each job on our program,” he said, as quoted by TO PUSH.

“Hopefully we can be together again soon when the emotions are less high.”

Geisler married Evangelista in September 2019 in a civil ceremony after a year together. The two had met during Geisler’s rehab stint for a former drug addiction. Evangelista was a facility psychologist, according to Geisler.

They have a daughter, Talitha Cumi, 2 years old.

Shortly after their marriage, Geisler resumed his studies, taking theology. He graduated at the end of April. Responding to greetings on his achievement, Geisler touched on his current setback as a recovering alcoholic.

“Guys, I appreciate your congratulations messages but I really didn’t work that hard to get a theology degree, I take it as a blessing,” he told his Instagram followers. “I’m still a work in progress. I am still in treatment for my alcohol addiction, hoping that I will get better roles in the future.

He echoed that statement at the Vivamax event, saying he looked forward to performances that reflect his values ​​as a “Christian and my image as a transformed family man.”

Referring to his struggle with alcoholism, he added: “I’m not proud of it and it’s taking a toll on my marriage, from my wife asking for an annulment. May God bless us all!


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