Bantama NPP Members Demand Annulment of Polling Station Elections


Some members of the New Patriotic Party in the Bantama constituency of the Ashanti region have accused some leaders of violating the party’s constitution in the conduct of elections at polling stations.

Members are calling on the NPP leadership to declare a recently held election null and void and to conduct new polls.

Aggrieved party members say they will resist attempts by constituency executives to hold elections at polling stations without following established party procedures.

There is growing unrest among NPP members in Bantama and other Ashanti Region constituencies in an ongoing process to elect polling station leaders.

A spokesman for aggrieved party members, Ebo Boyson, spoke at a press conference in Kumasi and said candidates who had done their groundwork need not fear competition.

“I always tell them if you really worked for the party, go out there and campaign. Let the people there come and vote for you.

He further stressed that party members “must use the appropriate channels” during the elections.

“We must use the modalities governing the elections…we are ready for the election as long as it is free, fair and transparent.”

There had been disagreements in various NPP bases after some party members accused the leaders of giving preferential treatment in the distribution of forms for the elections of polling stations in certain constituencies.


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