Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Nov 25, 2021 Written Update: Leaked Cancellation Papers, Priya Takes Blame


In today’s episode, Priya says she took the cancellation papers to the lawyer to have it checked and the papers leaked from there, and takes all the blame on her- same. Nandini tells her that she will file a complaint with the lawyer. Adi tells her to let go and worries about Priya since she took the blame. Neeraj comes there and says that Priya took his help to contact the lawyer and so he has the number of the lawyer. Rama asks why Priya took help from Neeraj. Neeraj tells Priya to come with him to talk to the lawyer and they leave.

Ram tells Priya could have asked for his help. Nandini says Priya said first love cannot be forgotten, so maybe she still has feelings for Neeraj and tells Ram that she heard them talking about Sangeet. Neeraj tells Priya that he saved her from getting caught and asks her to get her job back. Nandini says they have to figure out how to end the marriage now, as Priya probably still has feelings for Neeraj. Adi says the court will not believe that Ram and Priya are toxic to each other as they don’t have any issues between them now.

Ram agrees and says that if they call off the wedding now, they will suffer business losses and their family’s reputation will decline. Adi is happy that he made the right decision. Adi tells Brinda that Priya is good for Ram and he won’t let them part. Brinda hugs him. Priya walks into the room and Ram gets angry because she took Neeraj’s help. Priya apologizes for this. Ram says he has to fix the broken frame and asks if they can discuss canceling after a few days and Priya agrees.

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