Anxiety over the advancing sea overwhelms the community of Sangana


threat of ocean surge

Among the many challenges faced by the people of the Niger Delta region due to the blessing of crude oil, another challenge they are facing lately is the problem of sea encroachment. Of course, d Other major issues unrelated to oil exploration have persisted in the region for over 60 years with little or nothing to show that black gold is being mined from these communities. Now they ran into the deep ocean where they felt the people in the community couldn’t come and bother them. They called it a divorce.

Petroleum Industry Act

All thanks to the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) which was signed by the current administration although the process is ongoing. If what is written in the document is for the host communities then those locals will have a course of smiles but otherwise most of the host communities including the community of Sangana in the Brass local government area of Bayelsa State, will no longer be in a few years because the sea has already swallowed about 50% of this community. The sea washed away about half of the community with buildings, trees, mangroves and other substances washed into the sea. Incidentally, people are visibly helpless as they continue to plead for the necessary stakeholders to come to them. help with no solution yet. The case of people living inside water but soap got into their eyes. About six months ago a gas explosion occurred in this community through a con oil facility known as Adriatic One which is pouring gas into the atmosphere killing aquatic animals while people living around of the platform were not spared.

Conoil would have defaulted

In fact, six months later, Conoil had yet to pay compensation and no form of treatment was given to residents who complained of all sorts of health issues at the time, while Conoil quickly evacuated its staff to Warri immediately after the incident, according to locals. After receiving a series of complaints from Sangana Fisheries Syndicate President Noel Ikomikumo, this reporter traveled to the community of Sangana to see once again the level of devastation caused by the gas spill and other factors. environmental. And the journey to the community of Sangana was tedious as the reporter really had to be above water for more than two hours, meandering and criss-crossing coves and the open sea amid heavy surf. But most of these locals are always on the go, whether they are arriving or traveling to the state capital. Of course, people find it difficult to get to this place because everything is very expensive there. Therefore, you won’t see cool things to buy while some things you will see are very expensive like a sachet water pack that sells for N350.

The price spike

In fact, the prices of everything are triple compared to what sells in Yenagoa, hence the six days spent there was a pittance. But so pathetic is the fact that these guys are looking at the money and getting out of their surroundings on a daily basis thanks to these oil and gas companies. In fact Chevron, Agip and Conoil among other oil companies are in this community but there is not much evidence thanks to a body known as the KEFFES Foundation which has brought facilities to the area . Although there were reports that some gateways and the community generator were in place courtesy of ConoilandChevron. Ironically, they were seen very happy and satisfied with their current state. And to say that the ocean has taken over the community is another cup of tea. In other climates, the government of these states would have turned the place into a tourist site, but here in Bayelsa, the state might not have known such a site existed. And for the people of Sangana, it turned into pain instead of joy. And this reporter went to another bigger issue which was ocean encroachment. As it is, people don’t know which problem to solve first now. Is it the gas spill that has ruined everything, including aquatic life, rendering them unemployed as fishermen and women or the community that is consumed daily by the ocean? They’re just at the mercy of the sea for now.

The locals mourn

Speaking to New Telegraph, Koki Ayibatonye, ​​an indigene of the community working with the Bayelsa State Ministry of Environment on the devastating effect of the sea encroachment and gas spill, said said: “Most of us are already internally displaced in our own community due to coastal erosion. The problem is they undermine the wave and the water washed the sand on top and the thing crumbled. This led to the removal of the sand that served to smell the place. This is why this project failed. “The project didn’t last before it collapsed. The dredging was carried out by a Nigerian dredging navy and the piling was carried out by Halm dredging a Dutch company. “When they did it, it was fantastic that the project couldn’t withstand the waves. Sangana is right next to the sea. “Globally, most of the communities located by the sea are suffering from oceanification due to the increase in water level ice melt. communities that are quoted by the shore, but our oil activities can contribute to erosion.” Most of the time there are oil spills and oil traps are on the pieces, so it is believed that substances can having weakened the bond of the soil structure of the place, so that it is prone to erosion. “Sometimes when the seismic companies came, they would use these explosives to blow up the ground. They drill into the ground and place explosives and meters under the ground and blow it up. “This is how they conduct their seismic activities and any explosion that causes such waves in the ground disintegrates the ground into rough particles. All these contribute to the weakening of the soil structure of the place.” you see here don’t have offices in Bayelsa so we go to Lagos if we want to communicate with them. How many times have they fired tear gas at Lagos? A Yoruba man runs this place. Let there be a cleaning of the environment. Let NDDC complete our shore protection. They started this project in 2010 and it was abandoned.

A myriad of problems

Also, 52-year-old Martins Pama, whose house is already submerged by the sea, said: “My uncle built this house but then they came and piled this place up in 1992 and after that we hoped we were safe.” and that’s why I advised my uncle to come and build here then. “Then later this piling they made collapsed and then this place was very long. You can walk from here to this remote place. From the moment the pile collapsed, it began to cut to this extent. Now we are planning to move to another location. “The community asked the company that abandoned the stake project to come and do it, but they said they couldn’t do it alone. They said the federal government will do the job. “Since then, I haven’t heard anything. There was a road around there and a few stories back then and there were big complexes where we played football. “We didn’t know he would get to this stage. Most of the time, when the high tide comes, the water comes as close as possible to the house and we are afraid, but since I live here I have the courage that it does not reach my house. “Most of the time when I sleep because of the noise, I can’t sleep well. If I sleep for about two hours, I wake up. Now I’m planning to leave this place, but it’s the money that’s holding me back. “I believe that these companies here and the government can remedy the situation. The federal government can even do it. This place is one of those that generates money for the federal government. Let them come help us.

Close shave

In her reaction, Ayibatonye John, a middle-aged woman in her 40s, recounting her ordeal at the hands of ocean encroachment, said, “That green boat (pointing out to sea) floating in the river, c t was our family land where I built my house before erosion washed everything away. a way. “This long bridge to the end is the old Sangana, the water washed away the old Sangana. Sanagan is divided into three parts. “This part of Sangana is the old Sanagna, the middle and the new Sangana. Erosion has washed away the old Sangana. It’s a few old houses that are left. You see all these buildings here, it’s thanks to the mercy of God that they will remain until the end of this year. “Before , when I was very little, I used to walk around that place where you see waves. The water washed away a large part of Sangana. Even the companies that drill for oil here, I believe, are contributing to the problem. “You see Adriaticone (pointing to the deep ocean) run by Con Oil, the other is Chevron Texaco, this one is a gunboat guiding Con oil. All of these companies operate here, but they’re not doing well for the community “NDDC has abandoned this shoreline protection project. We implore whoever is responsible to come and complete the project. Our lives are in danger. Erosion has washed away everything. Water has washed away many parts of Sangana. “The community only two parts left now. We had the old Middle Sangana, but erosion has washed away the old Sangana and has eaten deep into the middle Sangana now. People should come and see what is happening in the community of Sangana The waves chased us away.


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