Anger as mum cries asking ex for child support as cost of living soars


A mother has been supported after she asked her ex-husband to pay child support amid the cost of living crisis after returning to their home country with their two children.

The mother, who is from the UK, separated from her former husband five years ago and returned from Spain to Britain with their children two years after their split.

His ex-partner has not seen the children since leaving Spain and is not contributing any money to his children as he struggles to keep a job and is financially supported by his own father.

The mum hasn’t contacted her ex-partner since June last year, however, was struggling to pay the bills amid the UK’s cost of living crisis and so kindly emailed him -mail asking him to contribute financially to their two children.

The cost of living in the UK has soared after global inflationary pressures, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, pushed up the prices of several essentials. Starting today, more than eight million low-income households will receive a cash payment to ease the pressures.

A mother has been supported after she asked her ex-husband to pay child support amid the cost of living crisis after returning to their home country with their two children. Image bank
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The United States also continues to face high inflation. In May, the United States experienced its largest 12-month inflation increase since 1981, with the inflation rate hitting 8.6%, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

After sharing updates on their children, the mum continued to ask the dad for money and admitted she was in tears as she wrote the email.

She wrote to him: “I don’t know if you have been able to follow the UK news? At the moment there is a huge crisis in the cost of living.

“Absolutely everything has gone up in price; food, clothing, basics, fuel have skyrocketed and our energy bill this winter is expected to exceed £3,000. Having not yet fully recovered financially from school at home and not being able to work during Covid, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet all of the children’s needs.

“Don’t get me wrong, they’re well endowed, they’ve got everything they NEED. They’ll never be without them. But they’re growing fast now, fast. They’ll both need a full school uniform with a blazer in September, a physical education kit, shoes, etc. Hobbies, clothes, toiletries, travel, and it all costs so much more than when they were little.

“I don’t know what your financial/professional situation is at the moment, but I need you to consider contributing financially and regularly in the near future. It’s only right that the boys be taken care of so they don’t miss out. nothing.. High school comes with costs like equipment, school trips, accommodation etc. Let me know what you are able to afford and we can go from there.

After sharing the email on Mumsnet, the post received more than 120 comments from users sympathizing with the mother and criticizing the father for not making his mark financially.

One wrote: “It’s pathetic and such a useless waste of space. Sorry you have to deal with it. I agree with previous posters why are you giving it an update too detailed about the kids? You made it way too easy for him to opt out because he just has to read the update to find out. Why don’t you get the maintenance?”

Another said: “Given what you’ve said about his financial situation, it sadly seems like you’ll never see a penny of him. He’s an absolute waster. I can’t believe his dad financially support. awful man child.”

“Um what a pathetic man. How the hell can he justify not contributing to his kids,” wrote a third.

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