Amundson Law Office: How to Start Changing Child Support


Amundson’s Eagan, Minn.-based law firm encourages divorced parents to contact their team if they think their child support agreement needs to be reviewed. The firm specializes in family law and has extensive experience in achieving satisfactory results on behalf of its clients. In child support cases, the firm reassures parents that they share their priorities: ensuring that the children concerned are taken care of.

The Dakota County family attorney clarifies that child support is primarily intended to ensure that the financial needs of the child or children in question are taken care of. In practice, the terms of this help are initially determined when finalizing a divorce or child custody order, and they are based on the living and financial situation of all parties involved at the time of the agreement. . Unfortunately, it is clear that the existence of a court order to this effect does not necessarily mean that it will be correctly executed. Similarly, circumstances may change for one or more parties over time, in which case child (or spousal) support will need to be reconsidered. The firm recommends that parents bring their concerns to a reputable family lawyer at this stage for advice on how their previous child support orders might be affected.

Clients approaching Lisa Amundson of Amundson Law Firm will be able to request a free initial consultation. This is key given that every family is unique and will have different needs, so the company also advises against relying too heavily on online research to get an idea of ​​potential changes that can be made to any support agreement. Many variables are considered when arbitrating, and the law can apply very differently depending on each family’s specific circumstances and requirements. Learn more here: Changing child support.

Amundson acknowledges that child support often changes as a result of one or more parties experiencing significant economic changes (positive or negative). For example, if the child support order was put in place while the spouse was unemployed, whether he or she gets a job can have a big impact on the child support owed. The reverse is also true. Amundson reminds his clients that losing a job or experiencing similar economic setbacks does not necessarily mean that they should still owe an amount that they can no longer reasonably afford. However, the permanent child support agreement will continue to be in effect until it is reassessed, so prompt action is essential in such situations. In particular, however, the needs of children are likely to continue to come first.

A divorce can be incredibly difficult to navigate, and this is exacerbated if one or more parties are hostile to the process. However, having a competent attorney by their side can help a client get through this difficult time in their life with minimal delays or stress. In fact, clients often refer Amundson to others in need due to the positive experience they have had during their own cases. However, if an individual is unfamiliar with the company’s strong work ethic and customer service standards, they are encouraged to review the reviews to confirm that they are the best fit with Amundson and his team. .

For example, Amanda C. shares her 5-star review on the company’s Google profile: “My ex-husband and I had a pretty nasty legal battle. Anyway, I picked up Lisa. She is by far the best. She always fought for what was best for me and my children. She was always prepared, attentive and ready to go to war for me. I can’t even express how amazing she is, but if you’re ever looking for a lawyer, this is the real deal. I don’t know where I would be without her today.

The firm encourages his community to get in touch today if he needs professional help reassessing a child support agreement. The company has also posted many resources on this topic (and others) on its website. Although Lisa Amundson and her team can be contacted by phone or email, clients are also welcome to get in touch via the website contact form. Find it here:


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