A man stabs his brother-in-law in court for marriage annulment in Jodhpur | News from Jodhpur

JODHPUR: Furious at his wife’s decision to annul his childhood marriage, a man attacked his brother-in-law with a knife at the courthouse on Friday.
The man’s wife had come to the family court with her brother for the annulment proceedings. The injured brother was rushed to hospital, while police arrested the man and his brother.
Udaimandir SHO Amit Sihag said that Asha Bishnoi (name changed) was married to Anop Bishnoi in 2016 when she was a minor, while her brother Ashok Bishnoi was married to Anop’s sister under a system marriage called “aata saata (exchange)”, in which a family only enters into their daughter’s wedding ring when the second family agrees to give their daughter in marriage to the first family. “While Ashok’s wife continued the childhood marital covenant, Asha, Anop’s wife refused to proceed with ‘gauna’ and filed a petition to annul her marriage in the family court in 2020,” the official said.
This move by Asha infuriated Anop, who had desperately tried to get her to return home by pressuring her family through the community and issuing threats.
“On Friday, he learned that Asha had a hearing in the family court, and she succeeded. Anop also reached the court with his brother Manish and attacked his brother-in-law Ashok with a knife in the court premises. himself,” police said.
Stabbed by his sister’s husband, Ashok began bleeding and fell to the ground, as the assailant brothers fled. Both were quickly arrested by the police, however, while Ashok was rushed to hospital, where he is declared out of danger.

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