3 Ways to Negotiate Increase in Salary to Increase Revenue { Interest Rate


Are you currently working in a company for some time, and feel this is the right time to negotiate a salary to get a raise? Not to mention if you have personal financial problems that require you to earn more income. Of course you will be more eager to ask for a raise.


Of course the way to negotiate a salary increase cannot be careless . There are various considerations that need to be considered, as well as ways to ask for a raise according to ethics in order to remain polite, but the nominal expected is also achieved. The following are various factors that need to be considered as well as how to negotiate a salary increase.


“When should I start asking for a raise to my boss?”

"When should I start asking for a raise to my boss?"

When the nominal salary is below average

One of the best times to start asking for a raise is when you know that the salary you get turns out to be below average. Of course knowing the average standard salary is the first step that you have to do. At the very least, you have a basis for raising, right? Find out how much the salary nominal is normally obtained for someone in the same position, with a similar job description.

Then, what ways can be done to find out the average salary nominal? There are several steps you can take. First, by registering on a site that displays company reviews and average salary information. Sites like this can help you find information on whether the salary is sufficient, your job description is appropriate, etc. One of the sites that you can try to register is Glassdoor.

Second, by downloading the Salary Guide document that is often spread on LinkedIn. Usually this salary guide is created and distributed by a recruitment consultant. Companies like this generally conduct annual surveys, which of course can be used as your guide. This guide usually provides complete information, and divides it according to business moves, as well as available positions.

Remember not to ask about your partner’s salary. Asking the salary of a work partner can be a boomerang. Avoid getting to know each other’s salary, because usually every employee is paid based on their work experience, skills, and job descriptions. Everyone has their own strengths which certainly cannot be equated.

“Normally, how often do I have to get a raise?”

"Normally, how often do I have to get a raise?"

Generally, companies give salary increases at the beginning of each year

Indeed, every company usually gives a salary increase every year, precisely at the beginning of the year. But back again, each company has a different policy. There are also those who make salary increases every time after performing a performance review. For the performance review itself usually varies, some are done quarterly, per six months, or per year.

However, there is also a different standard for each company to raise their own salary. Some give a 10-15% increase or more in accordance with the standards that have been determined by the company where you work.


“Who is the first person you should be invited to discuss about salary increases?”


"Who is the first person you should be invited to discuss about salary increases?"


Your immediate boss

Of course the first person you should be discussing first about a salary increase is your immediate boss. Of course this is different depending on your position or position at work at this time, it could be your immediate boss is the supervisor / manager / director where you work. Of course discussion with your immediate boss can be the right step, because it is usually the direct supervisor who really knows the quality of your work while in the office.

Usually if your immediate supervisor has agreed to review your work so far, you can continue the process to the Human Resources (HR) division or commonly referred to as the Human Resources Department (HRD). Each company certainly has its own standard procedure regarding performance reviews and negotiations on salary increases.


“When is the best time to ask for a raise?”


"When is the best time to ask for a raise?"


How to ask for a raise according to ethics will be more effective if done at the right time. Actually, one of the best times is when a company is conducting an annual performance review . For example, your company always raises salaries in January, of course, the best time to negotiate a salary increase is in November, because usually in December the company will begin to compile an annual budget that will be implemented early in the year.

However, there are also some of the best times that can be used to request a raise. Some of these features are for example when you succeed in achieving certain targets that are targeted , or have not been able to reach anyone. Another time is when your employment contract will expire and will be extended by the company.

You can also ask for a raise when you are given new responsibilities by your boss. Of course this responsibility must have a big impact on the time and effort you have to do more. Things like this of course can be used as a material consideration for asking for a raise.

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 1: Show Your Quality

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 1: Show Your Quality


The most practical way is to show the work target that you have worked on. This can serve as proof that you have contributed enough to the company. When you intend to show the quality of your work. But you also need to pay attention to several things in order to be able to successfully negotiate with your boss:

  • When you will show the results and quality of work, you can also think of the relationships that you have built with the customers / partners of the company. Why? Because from here you can know how much profit you have contributed thanks to the good relationships that you have established with these customers.

  • You also need to remember that displaying your work as an achievement or a value that you have successfully contributed to the company. DO NOT make it seem like threatening a company, especially if you are impressed to bring the customer with you.

  • Before you decide to display your work, make sure you know the numbers correctly, for example: the profits that you have achieved, how much your company has successfully spent, how many employees you manage And also pay attention to what salary you get now and what salary you should be sure is more worthy of the results of your work and quality. Think about all these things ready, don’t just think about it when you negotiate.

  • One more thing that needs to be considered, namely finding the right moment when you want to apply for a raise. Make sure your boss is in a good mood, and not in a hurry.

  • If possible, ask about possible salary increases as soon as you make a contribution that is felt by the company. For example, when you successfully make a contract with a customer, or after successfully completing a project faster. Things like this will have more influence than you discuss the successes that you achieved last year.


How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 2: Sell Not Begging

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 2: Sell Not Begging

Never beg to ask for a raise. The company will not care about your expenses, because every management of personal money is no longer the responsibility of the company. Focus on selling self quality and presenting the track record / achievements that you have given to the company.

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 3: Give a Picture of Contributions You Can Give to the Company

How to Negotiate Salary Increase # 3: Give a Picture of Contributions You Can Give to the Company

In addition to providing work achievement results, you can add by providing future plans that you can contribute to the company. Find out what the company needs and the company’s goals, and what contributions you can make to support the plan. On the other hand, you can also see the company’s shortcomings and what solutions you can apply to the problem. If you can convince the company that they need your contribution to this, it is not impossible that you can get a raise.

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